Friday, March 30, 2012

Parking and barking...

Greenville Police Code Enforcement police officers and non-sworn personnel are responsible for the enforcement of Greenville City Code provisions which include such areas as animal control and parking, minimum housing and abandoned structures, abandoned and junked vehicle enforcement, weeded lot and other public nuisance enforcement, temporary sign zoning, and other quality of life issues that affect the people of Greenville.
In addition to these efforts, the Code Enforcement Unit also works with neighborhood associations and other groups on a variety of neighborhood improvement strategies. 
Animal Control officers insure the safety of citizens through enforcement of animal control ordinances concerning leash law violations, animal cruelty and those ordinances and state laws related to the welfare of animals within the City of Greenville.  Animal Control Officers partner with various community organizations to educate citizens on the proper animal care and the prevention of animal cruelty. 
Parking Enforcement Officers patrol throughout the city to enforce all ordinances related to the safe parking of vehicles
In 2011, the Greenville Police Code Enforcement Unit initiated more than 4,900 cases involving the spectrum of city code enforcement.  A sampling of these efforts includes the following:
·        Regarding property clean up and public appearance standards and ordinances, property owners were billed for more than $84,000 for emergency structure-board-up, trash & debris removal, and asbestos abatement and removal.
·        Civil citations were issued to property owners for violations of city ordinances.  The total amount of fines imposed in 2011 exceeded $23,100.
·        10 vacant or abandoned structures, deemed unsafe and uninhabitable, were demolished.
  •        More than 6,550 parking citations were issued across the city.

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