Friday, March 16, 2012

A war on many fronts...

The US Marshals Service of the Eastern District of NC, in cooperation with several local law enforcement agencies including the Greenville Police Department, conducted a fugitive search and round-up in Pitt County this week. 

Dubbed, Operartion All Hands On Deck, the round-up began early Monday morning with a county-wide sweep for wanted criminals.  The searched continued through Wednesday afternoon. At the conclusion of the operation, 101 people were captured and arrested on 138 outstanding warrants.

Participating agencies include:
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Pitt County Sheriff's Office
  • Ayden Police Department
  • Greenville Police Department
  • NC Alcohol Law Enforcement
  • NC Division of Community Corrections
  • NC State Bureau of Identification
  • Pitt County Alcohol Beverage Control Enforcement
The Greenville Police Department is proud of its partnership with other law enforcement agencies on the Local, State, and Federal levels.  Each agency involved brings resources to the table that would not be available without these cooperative endeavors.  

Few people outside of law enforcement know how important these partnerships are to the success of the Greenville Police Department and to the other agencies.

One more example of these partnerships is our participation in the Regional Drug Task Force.  Officers from the Greenville Police Department are assigned full time to this task force.

5 Kilos of Cocaine Seized
As part of this Task Force, this week detectives from the Greenville Police Department participated in the apprehension of 3 drug dealers from Florida...The Regional Drug Task Force worked with the Raleigh office of the DEA to conclude an investigation that led to the seizure of 5 kilograms of cocaine worth $500,000.

The hard work and dedication of those officers assigned to work on these Task Forces goes largely un-noticed by the public.  Much of their work is covert, and involves great personal danger.

The time these officers spend away from home and away from family can never be retrieved.

We owe them our thanks and respect for what they do. 

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