Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Recognition of Your Service...

Four times each year the City of Greenville and the Greenville Police Department recognizes officers and civilian employees who have continuously served the City, the Department, and the community.  Service bars are presented to police officers for service of 5 years or more, and for every 5 years afterward.  These bars are issued to police officers to be worn on their uniform, signifying their years of service as police officers.

Service bars are symbolic of the public trust that each police officer holds. They represent faithfulness to duty, professionalism, and service to the community.

Officers and employees also receive a service pin and gift from the City for their continued service of 5 years or more.
On Wednesday March 7, The Greenville Police Department awarded service bars and gifts to the following employees for their continuous years of service:

  • Detective Corporal Thomas V. Woolard          35 years of service
  • Master Police Officer Carlton Joyner                20 years of service
  • Detective Antonio Braxton                                  15 years of service
  • Lieutenant Nick Lucas                                          15 years of service
  • Advanced Police Officer Dan Wilkins               15 years of service
  • Advanced Police Officer Randy Wright            15 years of service
  • Sergeant Shari Groccia                                        10 years of service
  • Sergeant Richard Tyndall                                    10 years of service
  • Officer Sonya Cates                                                5 years of service
  • Officer Charlie Espinoza                                        5 years of service
  • Officer Marcos Uvalle                                              5 years of service

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