Monday, April 2, 2012

You can lead a horse to water...

Leaving an unlocked car with valuable items in plain sight is an open invitation to thieves.  Here are a few examples taken from the police blotter over the past week:
  • Case #12-20835  B,E (mv) 301 SE Greenville Blvd (Motel 6) occurred between 0030 & 0300 on 3/21:  The victim was out visiting friends left his cousins vehicle unlocked. When he returned his bag containing his laptop was gone.

  • Case #12-20586;  B&E Vehicle, 635 Cotanche Street:  Incident occurred between 1900 on 3/30 and 1600 on 3/31.  Suspect entered an unlocked vehicle and removed  a brown purse.  A white gold ring with a blue center and diamonds on it was also taken.  No latent evidence. 
  • Case #12-18903 / Breaking and Entering M/V - Larceny  – 305 Davis Street:  Victim stated that  while she was caring for a patient at the location  she was informed that all the doors were open to her vehicle that was in the driveway. The victim stated that she investigated to find that someone had taken $20.00 from her wallet inside her purse. The victim stated the offender only took $20.00 and left her purse behind containing identification/other items. No forced entry or latent prints were located.  
  • Case #12-20205 B&E Vehicle  3530 Diamond Dr.:  Officers responded to this location and spoke with the victim.    He left his trailer unsecured overnight 3/29/12.  When he returned the next morning, many of his hand tools had been stolen out of the trailer.  No prints were recovered.
Please secure your car and take any valuable items, including bags and boxes, out of your car.  Thieves love to steal from unlocked cars.  Let's not make it easier for them.  Report suspicious activity to the police right away.

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