Friday, April 27, 2012

Be on time...

From time to time people ask about the process of becoming a police officer.  Here is some information on how that works:

The Greenville Police Department accepts job applications during periods of active recruitment.  Applications must be completed and submitted electronically through our employment link at:
If the department is not currently accepting applications, you can still submit an Email alert request to be notified when the recruiting process opens again.  It is important for potential applicants to remember that the department only accepts applications for a 2-week period before the beginning of our testing cycle.
Once the 2-week application period is closed, each application received is reviewed for the following minimum criteria:
·   You must be currently enrolled or have successfully completed the NC Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program.
·   You must be a U.S. citizen.
·   You must be a high school graduate or have passed the GED        test.
·   You must have a valid NC Driver’s license and have an        acceptable driving record.
·    You must be at least 20 years old at the time of testing.
·   You must be of good moral character with no  disqualifying  criminal convictions
Applicants who meet the minimum criteria are allowed to proceed to the next phase of the recruiting process, which is the physical agility testing.  All applicants participate in the Police Officer Physical Agility (POPAT) test.
Qualified applicants who pass the POPAT phase are invited to an interview board.  They sit before a 4-member board and answer a series of standardized questions dealing with police issues, ethics, and other topics.
Those applicants who pass through the interview board are then given a polygraph examination.  At this stage, applicants are questioned about their truthfulness in areas of their personal and professional life relevant to being a police officer.  Applicants must be truthful regarding issues about their application questions, prior employment, illegal drug use, as well as their overall integrity.
A psychological examination is provided to applicants who pass the polygraph testing.  This examination is mandatory for any candidate applying to become a law enforcement officer in North Carolina.
Applicants who pass the psychological examination are then given a conditional job offer, contingent upon their passing a rigid background investigation, a medical screening, and a drug screening test.
After all testing is completed the results of the application process are forwarded to the Chief of Police for review with a recommendation.  A final job offer is then extended to the candidate.
It’s a long process that may take several months, but in the end, those candidates with the desire, aptitude, integrity and other qualifications will be hired and begin their training as Greenville Police Officers.

Anyone who wants more information can contact our Personnel & Recruiting Officer, Cpl. K.Z. Edwards.  Her telephone number is: 329-4102.

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