Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A thief in the night...

Detectives from the Property Crimes Unit have obtained surveillance photographs of 2 people who are considered as suspects in the most recent wave of car break-ins along East 14th Street.

Surveillance photographs from the nights of April 13-15, taken between the hours of 2—5 am at the Greenville Teen Center, show these 2 suspects as they walked through the area. The 2 suspects broke into the concession stand on April 13.  They were in the same area again and broke into the concession stand again on the night of April 15 when the car break-ins took place.  The Teen Center is located near the intersection of E. Greenville Blvd, and East 14th Street. 

In the surveillance pictures, 2 white male suspects are pictured.  They appear to be teenaged males, and one suspect is considerably taller than the other.  The taller suspect appears to be about 6‘ tall.  He is wearing basketball shorts with a white stripe on the side, a long sleeve shirt, and he has a backpack.  He has dark hair.  The shorter suspect is about 5’ tall, and seen wearing dark pants, possibly shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and he appears to be wearing a baseball hat.

This case investigation is continuing and detectives are working to develop additional leads.  Any person who can identify the 2 suspects in these photographs, is asked to call the Greenville Police Department at 252-329-4315.

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