Monday, April 29, 2013

We'll miss you, Fred...

The Police Department is saddened to hear that a long-time friend has passed away. Fred Bazemore was a quiet and gentle soul who for many years came to visit officers in the GPD, and firefighters at Greenville Fire-Rescue. 

Fred would come to the lobby of the GPD almost daily and was always happy to receive gifts from his friends, a dollar or two for some chewing tobacco, or a soft drink. He always had a smile on his face and enjoyed the police and firefighters as his friends.

Fred was a regular customer at Cubbie's Restaurant downtown. He could be found there almost daily. He also knew almost all the employees at City Hall, where he stopped frequently to say hello.

Battalion Chief Tony Smart spoke with Fred’s sister, who said she was very appreciative of the relationship between us all and Fred. He enjoyed the friendships during the 35+ years that he came by the station(s) and the various functions when he was included.

Fred's health began to decline several years ago, and his visits to the Department became less frequent. He passed away on Friday.

Fred, we will miss you.
Fred Bazemore

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