Friday, April 12, 2013

God's grace...

At about 2:45 a.m on Thursday, January 18, 2007, 4 men entered the duplex at 1312-A East 14th Street.  They were armed with guns and went in to rob one of the occupants who was known to be selling marijuana.

A young man by the name of John Scott Alligood was in there, too.  John was an ECU student.  He was from Washington, NC.   John wasn't selling drugs, but his room-mate  Thomas Harris was.

John was in the living room as the 4 suspects went in.  When the robbers came through the front door John stood up, and as he did so, one of the suspect swung a pistol at him to knock him back down.   The gun fired and John was struck in the chest.   John Alligood died a few days later.

The shooter, a young man named Cam Parker, had already committed at least one other murder by the time he and several associates planned to rob this college dope dealer...

Fast forward to Thursday April 11, 2013:  6 college-aged people are in a house on Cotanche Street.  Around midnight 3 armed suspects burst through the door to rob them of some pot, money, and cell phones... the Grace of God, nobody got killed.

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