Friday, January 25, 2013

On the internet...

The Greenville Police Department is pleased to announce that beginning on February 1, motor vehicle crash reports will be made available to the public as a link on the Greenville Police Department webpage.

There will be no fee for access to this online service, and citizens will no longer need to come to the Police Department to obtain and view copies of crash reports.   

As of February 18, 2013 the Police Department will no longer maintain paper copies of crash reports for general public review.   Persons named on a crash report as a driver, car owner, or passenger, can still obtain a paper copy of the report.  Copies of crash reports for those people will still be available for free at the Records Section in the front lobby of the Police Department between 9am -- 5pm,  Monday – Friday.    

Other citizens will still be able to obtain a paper copy for a charge of $5.00, or they will be referred to the website to avoid any charges.

Citizens already have web access to the following GPD public records:

  • Daily Calls for Service – a summary of all calls taken by the GPD Communications Center
  • Daily Case Reports – a summary of all case investigations reported each day
  • Daily Arrest Reports – a summary of each arrest daily
  • Daily Drug Arrest Reports – a summary of all persons arrested for the sale and distribution of illegal substances
To access GPD records information online, go to the following web link:

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