Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirsty thursday...

The Greenville Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit has been out in force today.  As previously advertised on this blog and in press releases from the Department,  the TSU will be doing concentrated enforcement at selected streets and intersections from time-to-time.   Today the TSU is concentrating on SW Greenville Blvd and Memorial Drive.  They've been going strong since before 8am, and from the steady radio traffic, it sounds like they are writing a LOT of tickets.

Traffic tickets aren't the objective of this job, though.  The Greenville Police Department stresses voluntary compliance by the motoring public with our traffic safety laws.  With the return of students at East Carolina University and Pitt Community College, and with the public schools about ready to begin their fall semester,  obediance to the traffic laws is so very important to the safety of all of us.   

Every so often we see and hear news reports of terrible car crashes,  sometimes fatal ones.  

The Greenville Police Department asks our community to please slow down.  Ease back off from that car in front of you.  Don't try to beat that red light.  Wear your seatbelt.  Drive defensively and watch out for pedestrians, motorcycles, and other drivers.

Let's stay safe out there.  

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