Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On Saturday night May 12 Greenville Police Officers responded to Sunchase Apartments for a report of suspicious activity.  When they arrived Police Officers located three males in the parking lot.  One of the males had a bulge in his waistband and gave indications that he was concealing something in his pants.  Officers challenged the suspects and located a car's CD player in his pants.  A nearby vehicle was found which had just been broken into.   Arthur Goddard, Michael Mills, and Cortez Smith were all arrested for the vehicle B&E’s. 

On Monday May 14 it was reported that someone had entered a construction site near Arlington Blvd over the weekend and stole a toilet and 2 sinks, which were still in their boxes.

Rapid Deployment training for Greenville police officers is scheduled for July 9-27 at Sadie Saulter School.  This training is intended to prepare and train police officers to respond to active shooter situations.  This is part of the department's annual in-service training calendar.

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